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Business startup resources
Written by Greg Soffe   

Join your local chamber of commerce or business networking group. You will often find that there are a few people that are willing to help out a startup business with a short term loan of items that are surplus to their needs. If you find these people make sure that you look after them and keep them happy, it is not a good idea to burn people that are helping you out of the goodness of their hearts. One time I was even been offered the use of a desk at a colleagues serviced office to start one of my businesses, a great help it was.
One point of borrowing equipment to start your business is that make sure that you never forget the people that helped you on the way up. Perhaps after you have been in business for a year you could throw a little party and invite all the people that helped you along by loaning you resources.

Free stuff

Where do you find free stuff? The internet is absolutely full of free business resources, and not just the typical free junk, a lot of commercial grade business resources are to be had free of charge.
You will find that all of your typical office software can be found free of charge on the internet. If you like all your documents stored on your own machine and usable offline, you can try and download openoffice.org . They offer a free office software suite that is fully compatible with Microsoft Office.

Google also offer free office software and productivity tools, including word processing, presentation software, email, calendar, spreadsheets. They have the advantage of being available online and accessible by you at any location. All these can be found here at Google .

You can find free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that will help you manage your customer needs and provide you with sales & forecasting information. This should be an essential tool for any new startup and can be found here at the free CRM site.

You can get free websites, though not very effective as a commercially designed website they do get your business a presence on the internet which is all important today. Free web blog software is available at http://wordpress.com along with tutorials, which will allow you to create a basic website for your business.

But there are quite literally hundreds of free items that can be used to give your fledgling business the resources it needs to get off the ground. Have a look around you'll find everything from software to business cards to skilled people to a business plan free. Try and Google "free business resources" and see what you find.

You may also want to check out our free business resources section at Startupgrinder.com .


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