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10 people to follow on twitter for startup business
Written by Greg Soffe   

Twitter BirdOver recent weeks there has been a real buzz in the small business and startup community about twitter.com . A lot of the entrepreneurs I know have said to me 'OK I have a twitter account but I don't know how it will help my business & who do I follow'. We will be going over how twitter (and other social media) can help your business in later articles on startupgrinder.com. but right now I bring you my list of the top 10 people to follow on twitter for startup business.


Jason CalacanisJason / Jason Calacanis Founder of Weblogs Inc. TechCrunch50 and Mahalo.com

Jason is one of my personal favourite entrepreneurs. He comes across as having a lot of love for the art of entrepreneurship, being a master of the art himself his tweets are often treasures for the new startup to glean valuable market insight and business information. Jason is well experienced at startups being the founder of companies such as Weblogs Inc. TechCrunch50 and more recently Mahalo.com. He also currently holds an EIA (Entrepreneur in Action) position at Sequoia Capital. Jason has recently started a new video podcast called this week in startups which is well worth the watch & i couldn't recommend it more.

Martin ZwillingStartupPro / Martin Zwilling Veteran startup mentor, executive, blogger, tech professional and angel investor.

Martin Zwilling is CEO & Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc. and holds board positions in many companies he also tries his hand at venture capital being a member of the Arizona Angels Venture Group, Inc. Martin has over 30 years experience at startup management & according to his many social profiles is currently providing entrepreneurs with first-hand advice and mentoring. Martin's tweets are a wealth of information and experienced advice for any startup to follow. I have found his information useful and I hope you do too.


Ed DaleEd_Dale / Ed Dale Internet Marketing Guru.

Ed is one of those people who just oozes enthusiasm for business. Running his rapid startup program the thirty day challenge, Ed lets you in on the secrets of how to rapidly take your business idea to fruition in just thirty days. Having seen the information in all honesty I can't believe he is actually letting you in on it. His tweets are highly motivational and contain valuable ideas and information. This is one guy you will not regret following.

Anita Campbellsmallbiztrends / Anita Campbell CEO, Small Business Trends.

Anita Campbell is editor of the award winning website Small Business Trends, host of her own podcast radio show and currently sits on several boards. Her tweets are very useful containing case studies and links to various business events and information, not to mention links to business ideas and opportunities. I have found her tweets very useful not to mention the information on her site.

techstartupstechstartups techstartups.blogspot.com blog.

techstartups is the twitter face of the blog techstartups.blogspot.com. The blog is absolutely full of the sort of information you would want as a startup, startup reviews, news, stock prices etc. Although the information tweeted is often not up to the minute releases, there are often comments that are useful & give good insight & opinion.

Leo Laporte

LeoLaporte / Leo Laporte Media personality and all round internet good guy.

What is there one can't say about Leo Laporte. Leo is the consummate gentleman (he'll get a kick out of that one), journalist, author and Internet personality. His startup twit.tv hosts some of the most popular podcasts on the planet. His podcast this week in tech quite often hosts some of today's brightest business minds, including Jason Calacanis, Kevin Rose & the ever infamous John C Dvorak. Although Leo's tweets are not strictly business related they will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the tech startup arena.

David Sifrydsifry / David Sifry Founder of Offbeat Guides, Technorati, Linuxcare & others...

David Sifry is founder & chairman of Technorati inc. With over 20 years experience in the industry and many startups under his belt, his opinion is well valued. He is often found on speaking and lecture circuits talking on various technology issues. David's tweets are often productive and you can quite often garner valuable business information and resource links.

Mark BaileyVentureOutlook / Mark Bailey Technology investor, executive and entrepreneur

Mark Bailey is the twitter face of the Draper Fisher Jurvetson Growth Fund, he has over 20 years experience as both an investor and an entrepreneur he sits on many boards including Daptiv, Jobfox and WebPartner. I have found Mark's tweets to contain valuable information about the state of venture capitalists. They also contain information about what is happening in the business market in general as well as moves by the big players.

Christine PerkettmissusP / Christine Perkett PR company founder, CEO & Board Director.

Christine Perkett is the founder & chief executive of PerkettPR, published author, public speaker on PR and social media. Christine's tweets contain a lot of links and information about the public relations industry and also her work supporting women in business. She is one of the most followed people using the #business tag. Christine has been active in social media circles and holds profiles on many social networks. I find her very well worth following & I'm sure you will too.

Michael Arringtonarrington / Michael Arrington TechCrunch founder.

Michael ArringtonTechCrunch / Michael Arrington Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch

I really had to lump these two recommendations together as they are quite similar in the information they provide, just different styles. Michael Arrington is a Internet entrepreneur with a number of successful startups under his belt, he is currently serving as the editor in chief of the hugely successful blog techcrunch.com. most of his personal tweets are comments on the tech industry & the music he is listening to at the time. There are often gems of insight into the tech market and current industry manoeuverings. the techcrunch tweet consists mostly of up to the minute articles from the techcrunch blog that will help you keep on top of events as they happen.

Number 11. (Shameless Plug)

Written by Elisabeth Thornton.

Greg SoffeGregSoffe / Greg Soffe CEO Startupgrinder.com, Company Director & all round nice guy.

Greg is the author of this article so we couldn't really in good conscience include him in the list, but the information he provides on twitter is very useful for a startup business. He shares his business ideas, comments on recent business and economic changes and recommends useful reading for start up entrepreneurs. Greg also tweets all the new business advice articles launched on startupgrinder.com before they are released anywhere else, so following him is well recommended.


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