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Psychometric testing in business
Written by Annie Monk   

psychometric testingPsychometric Testing is a must for any new start-up business. When recruiting new sales people it is important to have the right people in the right jobs.  Yes, you hear this all the time and there is a reason, why is it critical in the recruitment process for your next sales star? The wrong person will cost your organisation thousands of dollars in lost revenue, untold potential revenue and cost the most valuable of resources, your time.

There are many tools available online and many companies that offer these psychometric evaluations, all of which have some merit or value, and there is no right test. The investment of a few hundred dollars during this crucial process could save you thousands in the future, if not your business.

With more potential employees available than ever before and a greater number of suitable applicants, there is difficulty in separating out the good from the bad, and the good from the really excellent.  And everyone wants to employ really excellent.

Applicants will always put the best foot forward in the first interview. Although you think someone has the experience, ability and the attitude, this can often be very misleading during the recruitment process.  People say what you want to hear, so you employ the person that has the greatest ability to do only that. How often have you had this experience?

You will have heard of psychometric tests or profiling being requested by many large organisations prior to an offer of employment being made. This is because it is a recruitment strategy that works. This is an even more critical recruitment tool for a small start-up business, especially for roles that are pivotal positions within that business.

It is important to have a good job description and the tasks for the position outlined prior to testing. This way you will be very clear about the strengths you require in a prospective employee. It also helps to assess the type of individual profile required for the position and your business.

You, the owner, are not immune.  Profiling yourself will also tell you what sort of leader (if at all) you are, your preferred management style and those people who would work best with you. Sometimes they are hard to believe, but if you are truly honest with yourself, this evaluation will provide clarity about your own ability. It will provide insight into employing others in more appropriate supporting roles in your business and in effect strengthen your business for the future.

However, not all business owners are leaders, and will often hinder the growth of their own business, without even realising it. Recognising the strengths of others and how these are able to be managed to the best advantage of your business is very much overlooked.

An investment of a few hundred dollars now, may save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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