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1   Link   Open Office
If you like all your documents stored on your own machine and usable offline, you can try openoffice.org. They offer a free office software suite that is fully compatible with Microsoft Office.
2   Link   Google Docs
Google offer free office software and productivity tools, including word processing, presentation software, email, calendar, spreadsheets. They have the advantage of being available online and accessible by you at any location. All these can be found at Google.
3   Link   Free CRM software
You can find free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that will help you manage your customer needs and provide you with sales & forecasting information. This should be an essential tool for any new startup.
4   Link   KickStarter venture capital
Wow, it's not often one can say 'venture capital' and 'free' in the same sentence but here we go. Free venture capital! Kickstarter.com allows you to put your idea to the public for donations to give it a kick start. You won’t get millions but a couple of thousand dollars is on the cards for a good idea.
5   Link   Free Business Printing
A great print service is offering a bunch of free business printing services including:
Free Business Cards
Free Rubber Stamps
Free Pens
Free Logo Design
Free Car Door Magnets
& more...

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