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Ideas for business
Written by Greg Soffe   


Business Yeah

As a businessman I find myself talking to people a lot about business. One question I get asked most is where do you get your ideas for business from?

Finding an idea for a business can be the hardest part. You have to weigh up a lot of variables:

  • Will this work for me?
  • Will people want to buy what I am selling?
  • Will I want to do this with my time?
  • Will it make the money I need?

These questions can't readily be answered by anyone but yourself, however I am able to give you a few tips to guide you how to find that one idea that is right for you. The business idea that will make you love the business you choose.

Think small
Written by Greg Soffe   


Couch Business

We have all heard the big business people of the world tell new entrepreneurs with a business startup to 'Think Big'when getting ideas for business or starting a business, any business. One would do this by harvesting investors, using life savings, selling a house etc. Usually all that ends up from this kind of exposure is an amount of unneeded risk in your life and a lot of sleepless nights. While there is generally nothing wrong with the think big approach as it can and in some cases actually does lead to vast wealth, for the first time entrepreneur that is wanting to replace a current income or stop working for "the man", the financial risk injected by these larger ventures can be too much too hard and too scary. Especially if you are supporting a young family with your first mortgage.

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