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Old safe find
Written by Greg Soffe   

If you have been following me on twitter ( http://twitter.com/GregSoffe ) recently you will know that from time to time I have been dashing off to spend time making my wife a walk-in wardrobe. today I was doing the skirting board around the bottom of the room. to do this properly I decided to lift the carpet & to re-carpet later. I thought this would be a good opportunity to see what these two lumps were under the carpet that had been annoying me since we bought the house.

While lifting the carpet I had made enough of a gap to slip my arm down and have a feel around.

I found what felt like hinges under the carpet but, I needed to lift the carpet to get to it. it was very interesting.

Well I having just lifted the carpet, it appeared the hinges i found were connected to a trap door. But I still hadn't lifted enough carpet to quite get to it yet.

When I finally got the carpet all the way up, I thought that it was probably just a trap door to access under the house.

trap door

I had to loosen the screws holding the trap door in place, it took a bit as they had rusted and were a little stiff.

opening safe

You wouldn't read about it! (except maybe on twitter) I got the trap door open and it wasn't an access under the house, it was an old cement safe. L
o and behold I found an old bottle of wine in the cement safe, I couldn't believe it, it's not what I was expecting at all.

light shot of wine

Here's a photo of the bottle, it's dusty and a few cobwebs on it.
And a photo of the label, judging by the F1 car on the front it looks old-ish

front label

The wine appears to be made in Maranello, Italy,
which approximately on the other side of the planet as the crow flies from Hamilton, New Zealand where the house is located.

Looking at the labels it is a little difficult to decipher, as the text is all in Italian.
Its is a Lambrusco, which appears to be a bubbly red wine (not totally sure about that). But with all the labeling it appears to be bottled to celebrate a Ferrari F1 race/win?

There is no date on the bottle indicating when it was bottled.

On the reverse label it says "Lambrusco Di Modena, Prodotto in Maranello" So I would say that there is a very good chance it was produced not only in 'Supercar Valley' but in Maranello the home town of Ferrari.

for all of those people who wanted to see the rear label of the bottle here's a picture. Thanks for your feedback.

Rear label

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Written by Elisabeth Thornton   

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